Our audio guides to historic sites are for art-lovers and history-buffs who like to know what they're looking at.


There are two ways for the recipient to receive a Gift Certificate:

1. You may enter the recipient's email address below, and the Gift Certificate will be delivered to him/her directly; or

2. You may enter your own email address; the Gift Certificate will come to you, so you can print and deliver it personally.

For multiple Gift Certificates, please place a separate order for each. Our system can only process one
Gift Certificate at a time.

To redeem the Gift Certificate, the recipient will:

* Go to www.JanesSmartArt.com

* Select one or more guides; then go to the ORDER NOW page to place a secure online order.

* On the Shopping Cart page, enter the Gift Certificate number and PIN.

If only a portion of the value of the Gift Certificate is redeemed, the unused value will be maintained as a credit toward a future purchase. If the order amount is greater than the Gift Certificate value, your gift recipient will be asked to choose a method of payment to cover the difference.

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JanesSmartArt Gift Certificate Policy

* Our Gift Certificates do not expire, but we appreciate their redemption within 12 months, if possible.

* Gift Certificates are non-refundable, are not redeemable for cash, and cannot be used to purchase other
Gift Certificates.

* Gift certificate denominations are in US dollars.

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